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What Clients Say:

“Amir brings to the table a great mind and skill for Medicine, along with the experience and skills necessary for sound Real Estate Investment. His abilities and strategic vision provides a level of expertise that instills confidence in all who are fortunate enough to participate with him. He is truly a rising star in his many areas of professional expertise.”

Making Your Realty Dreams Reality

Need More Personal Advice?

Baluch Bulletin offers a range of financial educational materials for doctors and medical professionals, from free downloads, books and tools, through webinars and podcasts, to help you access information in the way that makes sense for you.

But sometimes general advice just isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need one-on-one. Someone to listen to your questions, talk you through your options, and help you define your own personal plan of action. Someone to cut through the jargon and help you make sense of investing, real estate, and finances in general. Someone who’s been there, done that, and understands your situation.

Luckily, as well as offering real estate investment options through InvestmentClub360 and FundingNest, I am available for personal consulting. If you want my help achieving financial freedom, get in touch today, and I will get back to you.

I am also available to book as a speaker at your workplace or event, to talk to small or large groups of medical professionals about all aspects of money management, and particularly real estate investment.

Whether it’s introducing medical students to the importance of financial management, speaking to practice staff about the importance of retirement planning, or showing medical practitioners how real estate investment can lead to financial freedom, my informal, humorous, and systematic approach makes learning about finances and investing fun and memorable.

Case Studies

Dr. Rajesh Padmanabhan

I tried investing in commercial real estate on my own and it just didn’t really work out. Working with Funding Nest though makes it easy and safe since I have a team of people with experience that take care of everything.

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Dr. Matt Siskowski

You know I didn’t know much about real estate until a few years ago but now that I’ve been getting consistent returns around 12-14% plus or minus I’m glad I started!

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